St. Francis Cemetery

St. Francis Cemetery

In a small town located in Southern Missouri, there's a charming little store that locals love to visit. The locals all share tales of ghosts and supernatural experiences that go beyond stories. Among these tales none sends shivers down the spine like the legend of St. Francis Cemetery.

St. Francis Cemetery, a relic nestled amidst fields and dusty roads, stands silently behind its rusty iron fence as a part of the local folklore with whats become known as The Marley Woods. The graves in this cemetery date back to the days of the Civil War holding memories of those that have gone. Outside the gates lies an old, memorialized mass grave from that era, where nameless souls rest in eternal silence.


St. Francis Cemetery



One night, Shawn – a friend of the store owner – decided to explore St. Francis Cemetery with his two loyal dogs by his side. Known for his nature and intrigued by tales of lights and Bigfoot encounters, Shawn couldn't resist the urge to uncover secrets hidden in the darkness. With a flashlight in hand and his trusty companions beside him, he ventured into the night filled with the scent of fallen leaves and lingering sorrow.

As they neared the cemetery’s entrance, Shawns dogs sensed something. Their ears perked up while their bodies tensed with unease.

Shawn initially brushed it off as any typical response to dogs hearing noises in the wilderness. Soon, he too sensed an eerie chill creeping up his spine. Just as he was considering going back to the car, he caught sight of something that had only been mentioned in stories – a glowing light, flickering amidst the trees.

The light swayed, luring them further into the forest. Entranced, one of the dogs took a step forward slowly until they both began barking fiercely and dashed after the light. The man called out to them, fear clutching at his heart as they vanished into the darkness.

Time seemed to stretch on. The quiet of the woods was overwhelming, interrupted by the rustling of leaves. Then, suddenly, the dogs returned with their eyes filled with terror and tails tucked between their legs. They encircled Shawn, urging him to depart. It was then that he realized whatever they had encountered surpassed his comprehension and control.

They hastily departed from the graveyard without daring to glance back. The man could sense a gaze upon him a presence observing from the shadows; the image of that light lingered in his thoughts like a haunting memory.

When he returned to the safety of his house he tried to make sense of what had occurred. All he could be sure of was the fear reflected in his dogs eyes. A fear that matched his own.

News of his ordeal quickly spread throughout the town adding a chapter to the tales of The Marley Woods. Some claimed the lights were manifestations of spirits, from a mass burial site while others linked them to the Bigfoot. Regardless of the truth, one thing remained clear; St. Francis Cemetery concealed secrets best left untouched.

Now the cemetery stands as a symbol of mysteries unsolved, where history and present intertwine in a dance of shadows and murmurs. Those brave enough to visit at night do so cautiously aware that in the depths of The Marley Woods; the boundary between life and death is dangerously thin.




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